Customizing the number of values that appear for category filters

I love the metabase filters that allow you to select the matching values. This allows the users to apply filters without knowing the nuances of the data.

For example, a region filter might list “EUROPE”, “AMERICAS”, “ASIA”, etc … and the users can just click which option they want without knowing the precise values used.

One pain point for our use of metabase is that some of our fields contain more unique values than metabase chooses to display.

To continue the example above … we also have country … but metabase will not show the country list as there are too many. But it makes it harder for users. Is that “United Kingdom”, “UNITED-KINGDOM”, “UK”, “U.K.” ? :slight_smile:


  • What is the limit at which metabase will not show that list?
  • Can we customize that level? If not, feature request?
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The current limit is 300, I believe.

We’re in the process of re-thinking how we deal with dimensions and will have something on this front very soon =)

That’s strange, because the drop down shows only up to 40 entries.
Any trick to increase this?

(Running version 0.24 as docker container)

Close Topic. After a new sync ans Clearing the Browsercache everything is fine now.

Gotcha, glad the sync seemed to fix your issue. We’re currently reviewing our sync process and seeing if we can address this issue more proactively by allowing admins to manually rescan individual fields.

Is there a temporary hack / config that we can put in place to overcome this limitation of 300?

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