Cycle through tabs on shared dashboard


If i have a dashboard that i share with a public link i know i can set it to autorefresh which is great.
I wonder if its possible to get it to cycle through tabs if i have that on my dashboard or if anyone has some tips on how to accomplish this.

I embed a dashboard in an IFRAME, then just use the host page to change the IFRAME source at an interval.
Not tried with tabs, this is with multiple dashboards.

I have tested that but wish that i can do something with the tabs but i can't seem to find any id or anything to point at.
Either built-in function or something like: url/dashboard1#tab1 and so on to be able to use the method you use.

Just had a little play.
My dashboard has 2 tabs ('Tab 1' and 'Tab 2')

URL ends with either:

It does with with just tab=2 or tab=3, it works it out for itself.

No sure what happened to tab=1

Thanks for pointing it out.
It was first vible when i opened the shared link and i dont understand the logic becaues my first tab on the dashboard has ?tab=19.
I have to see what happens when i change the dashboard, make new tabs or change order.
But at least until its in the dashboard itself I have a workaround.
Big thanks for the input.