Dashboard Access to specific users

I want to restrict the access of the dashboards I have made in my Metabase based on the user when they login.
scenario, I have a user with client ID =1013 , when this user logins into my application , I want to pass this client ID into the metabse embedded in our application so that the user will only see dashboards assosicated to its client ID. How can I achieve that in metabase.

Please help

Hi @druidMetabase
That’s basically what Sandboxing allows you to do, if I understand what you are asking for:

Yeah well that true , but is there any way where I can do it on the fly, like suppose my client id is 1014 but this is the first time I am logging into my application and then gets redirected to the dashboards but as my client ID is new to the system , Metabase should recognize and only show data corresponding to that ID on the fly !

@druidMetabase That’s what Sandboxing does - “on the fly”.
Alternatively you would have to create a Locked filter with embedding - or a different dashboard for each customer perhaps. It’s difficult without knowing your full setup:

I have made a dashboard in my Metabase and let’s suppose it has 10 charts.
Now when a specific user logs into my Metabase he should only see the charts which match his User ID or something. I don’t want to hard code it, so I am assuming authentication thru the API or JWT I guess. so when that user logs in, I want to restrict the access of the user to the only charts which match his ID =1014 suppose and out of 10 only 5 charts contain his ID so the user only gets to see 5 charts. How is that achievable and is there any documentation for the same. Hope you got my concern. Please let me know if there is anything else you want to understand from my case point of view.

@druidMetabase That is what Sandboxing does.