Dashboard Breadcrumb Trail

Just finished the build of 98 Dashboards.
We have a requirement to build metrics for leadership by department, then by service within that department, then by an area of interest, and finally by a set of metrics.

There is no effective dashboard menu system or breadcrumb tree that helps leadership to not become lost. After all, some need to be shown the power button on their workstation.

Have built a table to simulate this menu / breadcrumb trail with a record pointing to the dashboard.[/dash/1]:

The dashboard URL is the filter for records for each dashboard
First link is to home page dashboard
Parent dashboard link is second record
Child dashboard links are the next set of link records
Peer dashboards are the next set of link records
Help page in an external Wiki is the final link record.

Then build questions filtered to dashboard number to give the breadcrumb trail for each dashboard.

This is a terrible work around, but our leadership are sales types who need to manage technology they do not understand. This gives them the drill down tools for metrics and KPIs organized by ways they understand.

Can Metabase consider building something like this to mainstream the application for leadership consumption?