Dashboard doesn't load on large screen TV


We have an LG 63" TV mounted in our office. When going through the LG browser to our metabase dashboard link it just shows a white screen.

Is there a way to use the inbuilt browser on the tv to show our dashboard?


Hi @nikesh
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
I used to display dashboards on TVs without any problems, so it seems like it might be a problem with the browser in your TV. Make sure that you have updated the TV.
Metabase works on any modern browser, but I have no idea what your TV is using.

Hey @flamber

The TV load doesn't actually allow me to see anything. We're using an LG U63J which runs on LG webOS.

Edit : I can confirm that the TV OS is up to date.

@nikesh Okay, I would recommend that you cast to the TV from another device or use some little Android dongle, which has a modern browser.

Okay. We've got a spare Pi that I'm setting up now. Will trial on that first.