Dashboard field filters appears as text inputs (not dropdowns) to anonymous user


I’m using Metabase v0.24.1. I created added a couple SQL questions with Field Filters to a dashboard. When I access the dashboard logged in, the Field Filters have the dropdown, all’s good. However, when accessing it through its publicly accessible URL, the filters become regular text inputs, not dropdowns.

I guess this is related to permissions to the underlying Field Filters tables. If so, how can I enable anonymous users to access them?

Thanks a lot.


I investigated it further. The dropdowns appear only when accessing the questions directly, not via the dashboard. I was able to reproduce it using the sample dataset. The steps are:

  1. Create a SQL question with select count(*) from products [[where {{CATEGORY}}]]
  2. Configure the category filter as a Field Filter on the products.category field and save the question
  3. Create a new dashboard and add the previously created question to it
  4. Add a category filter to the dashboard, linking it to the question’s filter
  5. Share the dashboard

When accessing the dashboard’s URL using incognito mode, the filter is a regular text input. This seems to be fixed on v0.27.2, but I couldn’t find the specific bug fix.

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