Dashboard Field never update its values with databasre

I’m trying to build a Dashboard with a question and filter to this question in the dashboard. But the dashboard filter never updates its value, but the table/question is already updated (question shows new data).
How can I fix this?

Can you elaborate? Which version of Metabase are you using? Do you mean that new values have been added to your table, but they aren’t selectable as options in your filter(s)? If so, do you have the “in-depth analysis” setting turned on in the Admin Panel? Have you tried doing a manual re-sync of your database in the Admin Panel and waited a little while?

In the upcoming version 0.26, we’ll be including a big overhaul to the way we scan and analyze field values and cache them for filters, so that might address your issue.


Yes, I add new values to the database, but the dropdown doesn’t update its values, and the news values aren’t added.
Yes, in-depth is enabled and I already manually re-sync several times. I waited for days but got nothing.

Hmm, does this issue describe what you’re experiencing? If so, it will be resolved in 0.26: