Dashboard filter different choices per user

We are faced with a scenario where it's necessary to display different choices to different users within a dashboard filter. To distinguish among users, we currently employ a strategy that involves passing a specific parameter, and then using that parameter to filter the dashboard data. But this is not enough the filtering choices on the drop downs should also be specific by user.

Our initial attempt to achieve this involved using linked filters; however, we encountered a limitation where linked filters cannot be applied to a filter whose choices are derived from another query.

We have also thinked about having an overlay over the embedded dashboard, on that overlay we would have the filters to pass to the dashboard. When the users select an option we would update the dashboard with the given option. Removing the necessity to show the filter on the dashboard itself.

Is there an alternative approach to accomplish this, possibly through a programmatic solution or directly within the Metabase platform?

We use metabase open source v0.48.6 on docker with postgresql 16.2.

have you checked the sandboxing or impersonation features?