Dashboard filter pulled from question filter

I am coming from a different BI tool (Redash).
in Redash, when you create a dashboard from questions, there is an option to add dashboard filters from existing question filters.
However, in Metabase I can't find a way to do this.I can only create new filters that operate on data that is held in question results.
Let me illustrate a difference with an example:
A question takes user's activity in the past 60 days (raw table filter). Then, from that activity I calculate per-user totals (e.g. user total revenue generated, 1 row per 1 user).
Each user has a country assigned, and then I calculate per-country 60 days average total user revenue (with a 2nd-level summarize).
Thus, the resulting question HAS a date filter, and I can change that 60 days to 120 days or whatever.
Now, the question result has 1 row per country, with no reference to dates, and when I add this question to the dashboard, there is no field to link a date filter to.
However, in Redash I would easily be able to do this, given that I will pull that "60 days" filter onto the dashboard level
I assume the problem is rather not how to achieve this in Metabase (I think there is currently no way to do this), but "How do I change my dashboard building philosophy/logic to switch this to Metabase".
Can anyone guide me in the right direction? Maybe there are some good posts I can't currently find regarding this?

I would add a simple gui question without filters to a dashboard and then add a date filter to the dashboard, so you can pass date filters to the question in the dashboard, is that what you want to achieve?

Well, I don't believe it would work. The date filter in this case will not be applied to the question that has a date filter, because there is no date field to attach to in the question (there are only "country" and "revenue" fields), wouldn't it?