Dashboard filter updates don't work

If this was reported already I didn't find it ...

We updated to 0.41.0 last week (big query database) and since then have issues changing filter values on our dashboards. So when the default date filter is e.g. 30 days and I would like to change it to 100 days it always jumps back to 30 days.
It feels like it might be related to Selecting a dashboard filter while questions are loading does not apply the filter but this was such a long time ago, not sure if its the same problem. But we do experience longer loading times for heavy cards on this particular dashboard.

Hi @EvaS

I cannot reproduce. I'm not entire sure I understand what is happening.

Can you reproduce with Sample Dataset, or if you just create a simple dashboard with one card and filter?

Does this happen only on dashboards that have long-running-queries?
If you're using caching, then you're seeing this: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/18458

I doubt it's related to that old forum topic, too much has changed since that time. And I also don't think it's specific to BigQuery.