Dashboard filtering help

Metabase v0.30.1

I am running into an issue where I have questions on a dashboard from different tables that share similar field values that I want to apply as a filter.

Example: I have two tables - Sales and Support Cases and both of those tables have an Account Manager field. I want to apply the Account Manager field to the dashboard, but when I add the filter it shows the old filter formatting (checkbox with purple buttons), works for a minute and then after refreshing the page a few times it just stops showing anything when I click on the filter…

I have verified on both tables that the distinct Account Manager values are the same.

Ultimately I am trying to figure out the following:

Should filtering work between tables assuming the distinct values are the same? If not, how have others solved this? I put in a few potential solutions on the GitHub page below:

Any guidance on solving this issue would be super helpful.