Dashboard, filters and tabs

Hello everyone,

Small idea of evolution for dashboards and tabs.Currently when adding a filter on a dashboard it applies to all tabs, in any case it is visible on all tabs.In the future, it is planned to make it possible to add filters only visible and applicable on a tab?

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I've seen this asked before. The answer is yes, it will be in a future version.

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Is this being actively worked on? Can we expect this in the coming release?

If not, are there any work arounds

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Hi @AndrewMBaines Do you have a link to a post or anything else that shows this is being actively worked on? Im trying to determine roughly when this functionality will be available. Thank you

As for a workaround, you need to use multiple dashboards or use embedding (thought that comes with other downsides).

Hey there,

This is out now in the Metabase 49 release