Dashboard filters dropdown not resolving foreign key when linked to notepad question

Hey there!

We're running 0.47.4 and we have a dashboard that uses 3 SQL questions and one notepad question on the same MySQL table.

The 3 SQL questions got their own variable contract_id. The underlying field is mapped properly as foreign key with its display value resolving to the name of the contract. In all of those 3 questions the variable offers a dropdown to pick the names from. Once I create a dashboard filter called contract of type ID and link them to the contract_id variable of each SQL question, it still works as expected. It offers the mapped names in the dropdown. So far so good.

However when I link the dashboard filter to a notepad question the dashboard dropdown now only shows the integer values of contract_id. It works correctly but the filter isn't displaying the names in the dropdown anymore.

I could change the dashboard filter from ID to Text, sure. This wouldn't change much for the notepad question. However the SQL questions would be broken as the underlying filters in each of them must be changed from Field filter to Text, too. Which don't allow multiple choice.

Am I missing any setting I have to change/adjust or is this a known issue?