Dashboard filters dropdown stopped working for multiple table field on 0.31.2

my dashboard has a checkbox filter, when the filter is created everything works fine, but when i reload the page the filter is empty.

I’m using version 0.31.2 of metabase

After reload the page

Hi @Henrique
I’m guessing you’re using 0.31.2 - 0.32 hasn’t been released yet.
Sounds like you’re seeing this issue:

yeah, sorry version is 0.31.2! You have idea of when it will be working normally again?

No, I don’t know when it will be fixed. Currently the workaround is to use different filters for different datasources - not the most ideal workaround.
But go and click the :+1: on the first post, so the developers can see how many are experiencing this issue.

Ok, thanks ;).