Dashboard filters javascript problem

We recently updated to verzion 0.34.2 and when trying to select variable in filter in the dashboard, it creates an error. The relevant chart sticks to mouse and moves along with the mouse and it is not possible to click anywhere else, only reload of the whole window helps.
When opening the developers console, it gives errors in JS:

Evidently it is an issue with the new version. I tried different browsers, same issue everywhere.
Any idea how to fix? Rolling back older version is quite complicated.

Hi @ivobrabec

Which version did you upgrade from?

Do you have any cards on the dashboard, where you have set the title to nothing (empty)? That’s the only known issue that could freeze the dashboard.

Does it happen on all dashboards or only some?

Are there other errors? Can you copy all of them and paste here?

Can you give steps-to-reproduce? It would help a lot to track down the problem and fixing it.


I tested further and counts out the issue. The error happens if a text area is above the other charts. If I move the text area below the charts, it works.

I am not sure from which version we updated, there is the auto update.

In other dashboards the issue is not present. So for the time being, I have a workaround -> moving the text area first down, then set filters and then move back up.

@ivobrabec Excellent - I can reproduce the error (actually maybe two errors) - thank you!
I’m pretty sure this is one of the issues that has been reported a couple of times, but no one could tell us how to reproduce it.
I’ve opened an issue:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/11927 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post