Dashboard filters should be pinned on top / sticky on top

Hi All,

We’ve implemented a few dashboards on metabase, and noticed an important UX issues for dashboards that have more than a few charts: the filters disappear as soon as you scroll down.

Now clearly that’s not a bug, and that’s the expected behaviour for metabase dashboard.

Two workflows aren’t possible when filters are not visible:

  1. Checking that the correct filter is selected (quite important when presenting)
  2. Exploring data (right now you have to scroll up, change the filter, then scroll down to see changes - not exactly ideal)

Having a sticky bar with the filters on top (or some other design) would allow these two workflows.


Hi @ni.paris
Sounds like a good idea. You should open a feature request on that:

Done. https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/11187

Thanks !