Dashboard filters showing IDs instead of names, charts filters are ok. Problem only in dashboards

I have questions or charts in metabase which are using filters. These filters have foreign keys pointing at foreign tables where they have a field name which describes the ID that these filters point to. So for a chart displaying shs_people which has a shool_id, I want the filter school_id, but what I need to show in the otions is shs_school.name where school_people.shool_id = shs_school.id

That all works ok, I can see the list of school names in the dropdowns of individual chart or questions e.g.

The problem is when I create a dashboard with two charts with the same filters. I create a filter called school and I link it to the filter school of each chart. In that case, the dropdown in the dashboard is showing IDs instead of the school names. But as you can see in the previous screenshot, the filters do show the school names.

Any ideas how can I fix this?



what version are you running? Also you seem to be mapping to School not School ID in the dashboard