Dashboard filters (with multiple items) not fully passed to cards

Forgive the highly clipped examples, but here’s the issue: when using a dashboard, we’ve got several filters… and each of these filters can have multiple values; when clicking on a card in the dashboard, only the first value for a given filter is passed through.

In this screenshot, there are 2 values selected in the ‘Status’ filter:

When clicking a filtered card, only 1 of the values is passed through:

This behavior applies to all of the filters, status is just a simple example.

I do have some potentially confounding variables in my setup, but can anyone else confirm? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @jshort

Which version of Metabase and which database do you connect to?

In the URL of the browser, after clicking the filtered card, do you see the two StatusId parameters (it might be called something different, since it depends on your filter naming) ?

Could it be a problem between correct column Type in your Data Model - maybe?
And specially if the Entity ID and Foreign Key is not set correctly, then it can give some strange behaviors.
Settings > Admin > Data Model > (database) > (table) > (column)

Version 0.31.2 of Metabase connecting to MariaDB 10.2.

The dashboard itself has the 2 filter parameters in its URL, but after clicking a card, the URL is just a base-64 encoded string?

This doesn’t happen on a raw SQL card, just the cards that are done with query builder. I’m pretty sure the data model stuff is correct with entity/foreign keys.