Dashboard - groups

Hi guys,

I am managing to set of data for two different clients, I am able to set two different groups and then assign databases and questions to each of these groups. However, I am unable assign a dashboard to a group. At the moment people from group A can see the dashboard from group B, although it is empty.

Is there any way to don’t show dashboards from group A to group B?


Ps Congratulations for the software, is is AWESOME!


Currently, dashboard permissions are indirect: if a user group doesn’t have access to any of the collections that contain a dashboard’s questions, they won’t see that dashboard in their dashboard list at all. If none of the dashboard’s questions are in a collection, then it comes down to whether the user group has data access to the underlying data used by the dashboard’s questions — again, if the user group can’t see any of a dashboard’s questions, they won’t see that dashboard listed at all.

Having said that, the core team has been having internal discussions about allowing dashboards to be saved within collections as well so their permissions can be managed more directly, the same way question permissions are handled. We’ve been hearing this request from a lot of folks, so we’re aggressively exploring solutions.

Thanks for the feedback, and glad to hear you’re loving Metabase!

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