Dashboard issues since upgrading to 0.33.0

Mac.app version 0.33.0

I’m having a couple of big issues since upgrading to 0.33.0

  1. Question pie visualisations not resizing properly.

Any thoughts?


Another issue

settings dialog not dispalying correctly from dashboard

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Hi @ozspeed
I think you’re seeing an issue, which was fixed, but didn’t make it into 0.33.0 - it will be part of 0.33.1

As for the settings issue - I’m not even sure if I understand the screenshot correctly.
Can you take a new screenshot of the entire browser view (including the blue navigation bar)?
Which browser are you using?
And how did you end up with incorrect display - can you reproduce it step-by-step?

Hi Flamber

Im using the Mac App

Screenshot attached.

Thanks for jumping on.

I can only put one screenshot in so let me send a sequence, attached is the dashboard

I attempt to get the settings for the ticket hygiene bar chart and the dialog opens, but it looks like only the the first line of text is dispayed and that is scrambled somewhat, meaning I cant edit the axis and data settings as they dont appear.

@ozspeed Nice looking dashboard :slight_smile:
I don’t have Mac, so I’m trying to ping @maz

Ping received. :wink: I’ll take a look at the Mac app.

I reproduced that issue with the dashboard chart settings modal in the Mac app. Tracking issue here: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/10677