Dashboard Loading time

Hi, I was calculating some stats for metabase could anyone tell me how can i calculate the laoding time of a particular dashboard and if possible also the the count of new users that visit a particular dashboard per day.

Thank You!

Hi @shadma
That’s currently a feature of the Enterprise Edition via Auditing: https://www.metabase.com/enterprise/compliance/

Hi @flamber thank you for your response but is there any other way to calculate this without the enterprise edition like using the Metabase DB tables?

@shadma You would have to dig into the metadata of the application database. Have a look at some other examples here: Metabase Metadata SQL

@flamber yes i have gone through all that data but there was no data available regarding the dashboard loading time i was able to calculate the question running time though.

@shadma But since you know the question loading time, and you know which questions are on a dashboard, then you can get the total/average loading time by combining all the questions on the dashboard.

@flamber Oh ok yeah it seems like this could work.
Thanks a lot!!