Dashboard Permissions

i am new to Metabase, i have few questions in dashboard

  1. How to restrict the creation of Dashboards
  2. How to give the permission on some dashboards to some groups/ peoples

Please help me

There’s an open enhancement request for that:

Depending on your needs sharing dashboards as public dashboards may be useful.

Another related topic in here with a reply from the Metabase team is Improve User permission & Dashboard

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Thank you Jornh

The way that we’re going to address this is that in an upcoming version, dashboards (and pulses) will be able to be saved in collections (i.e. folders). This is something we’re currently actively working on; it’s a top priority.

This will mean you’ll be able to use the existing collection permissions to determine which user groups have the right to edit dashboards and other things saved in specific collections, and you’ll also be able to restrict into which collections they’re allowed to save a dashboard (or anything else).

So we currently aren’t thinking you’d be able to prevent users from creating dashboards at all, but you’ll have much greater control over where they’ll be able to put those dashboards.

In the current version of Metabase, a user will not be able to see a dashboard if they do not have permission to view any of the saved questions that the dashboard contains.

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