Dashboard public link not working

I am having a public dashboard link but when I am trying to display that on my website, I got localhost refused to connect. I have read several posts in this discussion that you have to change the URL in the settings page of the admin. I need some more explanation and clarification on this. So, the URL in the iframe tag of HTML of the dashboard that I want to display has to be exactly the same as Site URL of the admin settings page?

Hi @Dk1234
Is your Metabase instance accessible from the internet? If no, then you cannot share anything.
If yes, then make sure that your Site URL in Admin > Settings > General matches the address that you are actually using to access Metabase with.

If you are in doubt, then post the URL to your Metabase instance.

Hi, @flamber thank you for your response. So, what do you mean by Metabase instance accessible from the internet? How can I check that if it is accessible from the internet or not?

@Dk1234 I have no idea how you've setup Metabase, but look in your browser URL.
If the URL is http://localhost:3000/ then Metabase is running locally on your computer.
If you want to easily share dashboards, then you can use Metabase Cloud if you want someone else to manage the hosting of your instance:

Yeah @flamber I have setup Metabase locally on my computer. I can see URL as http:://localhost:3000/. So, does that mean I cannot share and embed my dashboard on my website? Is there any other way other than using Metabase cloud that I can embed my dashboard in my website?

@Dk1234 Yes, setup Metabase on a machine (server) that is accessible from the internet.

@flamber How can I do that? Can you share some resource that can help me?

@Dk1234 How to run a server, no, try searching the internet. I would highly recommend not trying to run servers unless you know what you are doing. You are responsible for security and maintenance.
Here's a guide on installing Metabase on Debian: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/running-metabase-on-debian.html

@flamber So, this can easily be solved by using a metabase cloud instance?

@Dk1234 Yes, since it's accessible to the internet by default. You would of course need your databases to be accessible to the internet for Metabase Cloud to be able to connect to them.

@flamber How can I give access to databases for the internet after using metabase cloud?

@Dk1234 You need to hire system administrator to help you.