Dashboard question clicking on row triggering another question - native query

Hey there.

I have, let’s say, a bar graph with count of some records. Is there any possibility to take the user to another graph (or data visualization) when I click on one of the bars?


No. There have been various discussions about greater interactivity, there’s probably more on github.
I’m sure it will happen, just not yet.

Moved it to feature request then. I think it is kind of cool, not that hard to implement (sadly I never did anything in clojure). Simply listing all the records in a table would be very effective yet simple.

Is there any other way (atleast a little bit same) how to achieve this?

Surely clicking on View these xxx when clicking on the data, does just that (show the underlying records in tabular fashion)?

I am pretty sure clicking on the bar does nothing on my end. Where do I find the “View these …”? I am not seeing it anywhere on the dashboard.

When you click on the View these it should take you to a table representation of the data associated with that chart element.

If you are looking to ‘redirect’ to a curated version of the supporting data then as @AndrewMBaines mentioned that doesnt appear to be supported from charts. However for Table rendered questions you can approximate this functionality:

  1. Create a dashboard containing the target ‘child’ table

  2. Add a filter to that dashboard and save

  3. Create the ‘Parent’ Question using SQL and construct a url that points to the dashboard created in (1) and parameterize by adding a filter(s) and values(s) pulled by the SQL
    example (postgres syntax):
    select Name, ‘http://[YOUR METABASE SERVER]:3000/dashboard/16?id=’||id url
    from PEOPLE

  4. Save and run.

Okay, wont win any beauty competitions but can provide custom navigation functionality

@nmg that is exactly what i wanted. Problem is, I don’t see the “View these” at all. Could it be caused by using native queries?

@Zdenduk Ah; I would put money on it, yes.

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Just tested on a 300 000 000 entry database (which is why it took so long) - sadly the only db collection working in metabase (https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/8067). And yes, it is because I am using native query.

So, any other workaround using native query? Btw. thanks so much for helping me.

Do you have permissions / can you instantiate the core of your query (minus any aggregation) as a database view and leave the grouping to metabase? Include an entity id plus foreign key to other tables exposed to metabase would give you a richer experience. Then build a custom question using the view and related tables. (Im assuming your core query is complicated and cannot be easily implemented using exposed source tables and custom query)

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