Dashboard specific for users

I have a requirement, just wanted to know if it is possible or not?

Suppose we have a Dashboard and also added filter widget into it.
But I want the dashboard view only user specific , and only that specific user can see only his data in the Dashboard.

For example only Yuvraj can see his numbers, and other user can see only his numbers. One user can't see another's user data. Can we share dashboards in that manner?

You can upgrade to the professional version and get that sort of security.
Alternatively, you can embed but that limits some of the functionality.

What is the embed functionality? Can you share me the exact link of the document related to it. Also what are the features you will provide in professional version and what is the cost estimation?

This question has been asked many, many times in the past. Search the forum or the documentation.

Thanks Andrew
I have read all the document related to embed. Now cleared the things. but I don't want to embed my dashboard anywhere. I just use that dashboards for reporting purpose. I only want to create 10 users in my metabase and whenever they will see any dashboards they can see only their data not others.
Only me(admin) can see all data.
How this is possible?

Varnika, you're looking for Data Sandboxes, which indeed are available on the Pro version and above.