Dashboard Subscription doesn't show image in Slack

Hi, I send a lot of dashboard subscription to Slack channel and it works until yesterday. Today the slack still receive the link of the dashboard but no images are shown



Any idea what caused this? Thank you for the help

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Hi we faced the same issue too but a quick temporary workaround that we implemented was to change dashboard subscriptions to Email (this works fine with images rendering) and then configuring the email address to the Slack channel's email.


Hello, we faced the same issue today. The only difference is that we are still using Pulse, not Dashboard Subscription.

Metabase version v0.38.

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We also experienced this issue. Using the Pulse, but Dashboard subscriptions also don't work.
And we cannot use the email workaround, since we haven't setup the email provider yet.

Hope that this gets resolved soon.

Metabase version: 0.39.4

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We are also experiencing this issue :disappointed:

Metabase Cloud v1.40.1

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There's now an issue open - I have no idea what has changed. Slack does not write anything in their changelog.

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Thank you very much, looks like bunch of people have the same problem, hope it gets fixed soon.

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Me too. Encountered on 0.39.2, upgrade to 0.40.2 did not solve the issue.

I suspect that it's some Slack backend server that bounces the image that's broken, but that's mostly a gut feeling on my part.

Looks like there was another incident from Slack starting around the same time. Not sure if there were related and all changes were reverted.