Dashboard subscription mail sent 3x in v0.50

After updating from version 0.49.4 to v0.50.6, one of the Dashboard subscriptions started sending 3 copies of the same email instead of one. The other subscriptions seem to be fine, only one is facing this problem, its settings is unchanged (Sent daily, Don't send if there aren't results, Attach results).

Has anyone else encountered this ?

Hey there, never happened to me. One strategy would be to remove the problematic subscription, and then set it up again. Hope this solves!

Update: today it started sending 4 copies of the same email :exploding_head:. Will try reacreate subscription now...

That's the way to go. Recreate them from scratch, hopefully it will solve your issue.

I reacreated subscription of dashboard, but the issue remains. Any idea how to debug it ?

BTW, now I'm running on v0.50.11

I have the same issue since updating. Recreating the dashboard and changing the subscription didn't help. I tried using an alarm instead since its only one query I wanna keep track of and encountered the same issue

Thanks for info, I created github issue
How your dashboard look like (what questions, what filters) and what is subscription settings?

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