Dashboard subscription permission


I am trying to understand the permission of dashboard subscription.

  1. Is there any place an admin user (or even non-admin user) can check all existing subscriptions of all questions/dashboards?
  2. Currently one of my non-admin user is unable to see the dashboard subscription setup by another user even though the user has full access to the dashboard. Is the subscription only visible to admin users?
  1. only with the Audit feature (available in Pro+)
  2. in the free version all subscriptions are seen by all users

For 2, I don't think that is the case.
I can see the email subscription in the dashboard as an admin but it is not visible when I am using another non-admin account. The user has unrestricted access to the database and "Curate" permission in the collection.
Is it because the email subscription was setup by an admin?

I agree with @llg3888 . I can only see my own subscriptions, it's not true that "all subscriptions are seen by all users".