Dashboard takes too long

I have many question tiles on my dashboard which are running extensive queries which increase the loading time. Is there a way I can automatically run the dashboard and once it gets all the values, I can dump the data in let's say excel or csv.

Hi @eginsea
There are multiple ways to optimize dashboards to run faster, but it depends on where the bottleneck is:
You could use Subscriptions to receive everything via email:

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Thanks for the quick reply. Dashboards running slower is one bottleneck. I created a dashboard and have filters for mentioning the experiment name for which I want the analysis. Let's say I have 50 experiments ["a001", "a002" ....] and want to subscribe(as you suggested) each experiment. How should I work that out?

@eginsea That would require 50 dashboards each with the filter set to a default value. Only the Enterprise Edition has the option to create individual filters per subscription:

But if you're just looking to export data in this manner, then I don't think Metabase is the right tool for you.

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