Dashboard - Text area

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know if there’s a way to had some colors or a picture in the text area of a dashboard.

Thanks in advance

You can use Markdown - bit like a poor man’s HTML:

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Thanks but I don’t understand how it works ? Is this a plugin for metabase ?

No, you can use the Markdown within the text boxes.
** My Text **
to see how it works.

Oh ok !!!
Thanks a lot !!!
Is there a way to set a background color ?
Or can I use color for my text ?

Not that I can work out. It’s not really what Markdown is for. Some implementations allow you to embed HTML, but I can’t make it work in Metabase.
Maybe someone else can tell me I’m wrong?

Thank you very much

@Livier Can you describe what you’re trying to do, or what problem you’re trying to solve on your dashboard? Is there a specific way that adding color to your text will help improve your dashboards? Thanks!

In my dashboard I have differents sections that I’d like to separate with a text area.
I think that adding (background) colors to those text area would help people to read the dashboard and to identify the sections

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@maz same issue as @livier, i would like to use some colours in the text boxes to make the dashboard more organized, separate sections and easier to navigate