Dashboards, collections and cards permission management

  1. When a non-admin user creates a collection, by default it is visible to everyone is it possible to restrict the visibility of cards, collections and dashboards to the creator by default, without the intervention of the Admin. If we get a create, update callback, that should also be helpful to manage the permissions using the API
  2. An extension to question 1, when we create a set of cards, collections and dashboards through Metabase enterprise load command, could we restrict the access of these elements for a specific user.
  3. Can we restrict users from archiving cards, collections and dashboards.

We did not find any helpful documentation around these. Could someone please help

Hi @arham
If you are an Enterprise customer, then contact support via email.

  1. The permissions are derived from the parent collection, so if you don't want users to be able to create anything that is accessible by other users, then revoke permissions in the root collection:
  2. Serialization does not transfer permission settings, so you need to set the permission settings manually or via the API on the target:
  3. You can set a collection to View-only, which means the others cannot modify or archive anything within the collection:

Hi, @flamber thanks for the reply. Another question we had is if loading a collection through serialisation to a personal collection of a specific user is possible.

@arham Please use the support email. You can dump single data as noted in the documentation, but since users are not transferred, then it doesn't know where to load to exactly. It would likely require manual changes to the yaml files, but I have never tried that.