Dashboards: View-only without account?


Huge fan of metabase! Thanks for this amazing tool.

I’ve been creating questions and dashboards, and I need to share them with my organization. The problems are:

  • In order for a person to see the dashboard, they need a metabase account.
  • If we give everyone an account, it’s tricky to manage and we risk a user editing (messing up) a dashboard.

Is there any way to share dashboards in view-only mode? If not, can this be a feature request for an upcoming version?


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We’re figuring out a permissions model, eg in https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/2682
and similar issues.

Also, dashboards (and cards) have a revision history and if anyone changes anything it should be trivial to revert back. We haven’t seen people mess up dashboards in actual production use on our end. It’s typically a scarier sounding problem than it ends up being in real life.

Thanks for the update! I’ll look out for the conclusion to those issues when it’s ready.