Data in excel. How do I use it in Metabase?

I downloaded the Mac client to see how the SW works. Our data is in excel spreadsheets and Google sheets. It appeared that Metabase wants to connect to a cloud based service we don’t have yet. How should I proceed? Can I load up some spreadsheets to start or do I need to find cloud based storage and upload the spreadsheets to it first?

Metabase is a way for you to ask questions of data that is in a database. In general, we expect that you BringYourOwnDatabase. We have one exception to this (Google Analytics), but in general, we don’t support “cloud services” so much as Databases or Data Warehouses that might or might not be in the cloud.

If you want to try out Metabase, you can play around with out sample data set or download data sets in SQLite format. If you want to go deeper, try installing MySQL or PostgreSQL and import your data into those.

We don’t support direct import from Excel sheets for the time being.