Data Model page scrolls to top when using the Type select field

Admin: Data Model Page scrolls to top when using the Type select field

  1. Open a table with lots of columns
  2. Scroll towards the end of the page
  3. Click the Type selector field
    RESULT: Page scrolls up to the top. Context is lost. Scrolling back to the field shows the select menu open.
    EXPECTED: Page doesn't move, just the select menu opens.
  4. Start typing "Time" in the filter field.
    RESULT: Page jumps up or down as the menu shrinks.
    EXPECTED: The menu widget shrinks from the bottom only, its top stays anchored.

Is there something wrong with my browser is this the expected behaviour? It's hardly usable.

Hi @gabriel
That is fixed in upcoming 41 arriving in about two weeks:

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Praise the lawd! Just after my trial expires though :slight_smile:

@gabriel I currently don't know if we'll have enough time to add it to a minor release, since I actually think it depends on some of the many changes in 41.