Data Model vs Model

Hello all

Brand new user here!!

I find it confusing and cannot figure out the difference between a Data Model in Admin Settings and a Model (along with it's buddies such as a Question, Dashboard, etc) in a Collection :sleepy:

If there's a difference, how and for what purpose, do I use each? I've read the documentation but there's no reference as to how each relates to the other, if at all.

Please help me out.

It is a poor naming convention.

The 'Data Model' is all the tables and views in your database. You can rename and define joins etc.

The 'Model' is more like a saved query that you can reuse in new questions.

The 'Model' contains data whereas the 'Data Model' is just the description of your database.

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I should have added. You'd create a 'model' to make it easier for end users to create questions in a more protected environment without having to worry about the complexities of your database.
So far, I've not had any reason to use them as I'm working with either 'nice' data or the users aren't allowed any where near.
That's likely to change shortly as in the next release, we'll be getting write-back and that needs models to work.

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Thanks so much @AndrewMBaines

I also though the naming convention was confusing. I've now started defining models but have this issue with defining a segment againt a model.

Yes, I saw the question. Hopefully somebody else will know the answer. I've never needed to use segments. I like to do data prep in the database and use Metabase as the presentation layer. That way, I can reuse stuff in other tools (Crystal Reports, PowerBI & Qlik mostly).

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