Data Warehouse Schemas not Showing Up - Marking Tables as Inactive

Our Snowflake data warehouse has many different schemas. Right now, Metabase is only picking up the tables within one of the schema, without even recognizing any of the schemas (even the one schema these tables are from).

When looking through the logs, the following message appears: "Marking tables as inactive:" and then marks all tables from other schemas inactive.

Thoughts? Checked on Snowflake permissions and that wasn't it.

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Can you do a sql query from within Metabase to the tables in other schemas?

Nope! Says they don't exist.

if you can't query those via a SQL query, then Metabase user can't access those

Actually, we can query the tables, they just don't appear in the database. Other schemas and tables in those schemas don't show up when browsing through the database, and don't show up as data to select when making a question.

@Luiggi looking into it, our accounts that have been updated to the new version have this error while any account still on the older version ( v0.47.9) do not.

Did something change in the new version regarding snowflake syncing? Or would cause metabase to mark whole schemas as inactive?

What else would you need to debug this?

Running into the same issue, but I added mine as a Get Help topic instead of a bug report. Just wanted to add to the chorus.

@shai @unohealth we have this issue with Redshift on versions <48. So you say that this only happens in version >48 right?

do those schemas have something in particular?

I have just tested this with all these schemas

version 48.1

I can't reproduce the issue and this is my config

For us, the only schema that stays is titled 'Mozart' and it seems to mark all other schemas as inactive.

Our Snowflake db has, let's say, 6 schemas. Only the one called "Analytics" appears in the UI but all six can be queried in SQL. I created a new database object in Metabase and connected it to our Snowflake database with the exact same credentials as the problem object and it works fine.

And yes, this only started happening with 0.48.1. It looks like the same thing is happening to this user as well.

@unohealth and @shai if you go to Admin -> Table Metadata do you see those tables? Maybe they are marked as hidden there based on the name

I do not, no.

Is the core team aware of and working on this issue? It's been several weeks since my other Snowflake schemas have disappeared from the UI (self-hosted 0.48.3), although they can be queried via SQL…

We've been told that this issue is related and a fix is coming in 48.4

Possibly, we’re still trying to find out what’s going on as we haven’t been able to replicate

For what it's worth, I realised that several tables in my Metabase PG database had been set to active=false. So I just combed through metabase_table and manually set active=true on the tables I needed, which now appear in the interface.
So I assume it's some kind of migration script in a recent update that forcefully hid these tables, somehow…

You will probably see those tables marked again as inactive on the next sync

Indeed… I had misread the thread… So I haven't really solved anything have I? :crossed_fingers:t2:
How can I help?

you need to tell us what's the query that metabase runs in your postgres when it marks the tables as inactive