Database changes breaking dashboards?

Our database schema changed, and some questions built on the related tables are breaking. All expected based on what I see in: How does Metabase handle database changes?

What I’m wondering is - we’re trying to fix the saved questions linked from the dashboards, and the question titles with broken schema aren’t linking out to the underlying questions anymore. Here’s a video. We have hundreds of saved questions, including many with similar names, so this is making it hard for us to figure out how to fix the correct saved questions.

If this is a bug, I can file along with all the details! Thanks.

Hi @bturndorf
Check the log for more details about the questions failing - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.
You can probably also see the problematic questions, when the dashboard loads all the cards, then requests to the failing ones should be easy to spot in your browser developer Network-tab.

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Thank you! This is super helpful.