Database engine in Metabase

Is it true that Metabase is a Business Intelligence tool which doesn’t come with database engine. On retrieving data from an external DB (such as MySql or CloudSQL) where does this data reside within metabase? Or does Metabase BI reporting require an always on link to fetch data from the external DB for executing each query ?

Hi @Rome2345
Correct. Metabase sends queries to your database and presents the results. The data is not in Metabase.

Hi @flamber, thanks for your response.
However in that case this impacts the performance of both the application users and the Metabase users. The Report generation activity will use up system resources of application DB engine and Metabase engine. How can I setup this up so these is minimal or no impact to the application performance while benefiting from Metabase reporting capabilities…

@Rome2345 Then you need to setup a read-replica of the database:

noted, thanks. Will review and take data replication approach

Hi Rome, what kind of data do you have? If you know how to code, you should set up a database by yourself. If you don't code much Try
Our company is using Acho as the "database host" to connect with Metabase now. We connect our HubSpot to Acho to make updated (daily) charts on Metabase. Metabase is the best BI tool to do this.