Database Permissions - No tables being returned for our largest database

Hi there, when trying to add permissions to tables on our largest DB, no tables are being returned in order to add permissions to them.

It feels as if the "table fetch" for this database has failed in the background without returning an error message but I am not sure how to check if this is the case or how to trouble shoot this?

We used to get timeout errors on the table load of this database in the permissions section until we upgraded to v0.47.0, the tables then returned for a while, but now they aren't being returned again yet there is also no error being returned. Could it be our timeout settings need to be increased again?

We are now on v0.48.3. I have done a sync of the database, checked the logs, ensured we are on the latest upgrade, but I still don't see any reason for the tables not being returned. Please can you guide me in a direction to troubleshoot this, thanks so much.

I just went back to my Chrome window that had Metabase open and suddenly the tables are partially loaded. Then when I refresh Chrome the tables are missing again...

Try CTRL + F5 to force a full refresh of the brwoser.

Thanks @AndrewMBaines but no luck with that, I still see no tables.