Database "ROWCOUNT Override" setting is saved, but not applied

SQL sub-queries keep getting limited to 2000 records.

When I change the setting "ROWCOUNT Override", the "Save" button turns to "Success". However, as soon as I exit, I get a dialog stating, "...changes haven't been saved". When I refresh the page, the setting is not updated.

With further investigation into the MySQL "metabase_database" table, it looks like the setting has been stored correctly as "rowcount-override":"1000000", but it's not being applied in the Metabase application.

Moreover, when I test a SQL query after applying the setting, I'm still getting a row count of 2000 records.

Something weird is going on... Please help.

same issue,After modifying the "ROWCOUNT Override", the settings changed back after exiting and entering again

You are hitting this issue SQL Server RowCount Override not persisting · Issue #39789 · metabase/metabase · GitHub