Database Table names not updating after sync

Hi All,

I have changed my table names to all lowercase and re-synced the database. But Metabase is still showing capitalised table names. I am using Clickhouse. and since table names are case-sensitive., I am not able to browse the data. But native queries are working fine.

Are you sure the sync has been completed?

I have tested adding a fresh connection using the same database, the tables are visible on this new connection. Does that mean the sync on the existing connection takes considerable time to propagate the changes?

Depends a lot on the size of your DB ... In the logs there should be some log saying FINISHED

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I have checked the logs, I still have running [ASYNC:] messages. Thanks.

This issue has persisted. I still have the table names that have been changed being reflected even after a sync. Resulting in this error.

so you changed all table names from uppercase to lowercase and now Metabase GUI can't run those tables, is that correct? why don't you change the table metabase_table and fix the issue manually?

Yes, I changed the table names. I can run SQL questions on the tables, but in the browse data section, these tables are not reflected as expected.

Gotcha, can you try going to the app db and changing all table names to lower case? It’s not a definitive solution but it should work