Databricks support


I don't know if it's the good place to push it but I think the community can maybe find a way to solve this.

We're currently using Metabase v0.45 and as you can notice in this issue, the main developer behind the Databricks community driver will be more or less droping his support Upgrading Metabase to v0.46 Latest · Issue #17 · relferreira/metabase-sparksql-databricks-driver · GitHub

As this driver is officially listed in the Metabase website as the one to used for Databricks, maybe it will be welcome to have a quick update and why not some informations about the future official support (i see it in the +6 months roadmap).


Is it possible that you stay in 45 till we release the official driver?

Hi Luiggi,

I think yes but when I see in the roadmap "6 month and above" it's simple to understand it as "maybe in one year". Did you have any idea is this driver support prioritization will be updated or not?

And of course I always prefer to deploy update ASAP. For example I have this issue which is blocking me right now, not a big deal but the sooner it will be updated, the best it will be Fix mongo nested queries handling by lbrdnk · Pull Request #30877 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Ah gotcha, thanks for letting us know

@Luiggi No pb. And for the roadmap on your side? Don't hesitate to ping me if the Databricks official support will be done earlier :slight_smile:

FYI a PR was pushed but we're still waiting for the main developer to review it

Can you point the PR?

Sorry @Luiggi I didn't see your message. This is this one Upgrading Metabase to v0.46 Latest · Issue #17 · relferreira/metabase-sparksql-databricks-driver · GitHub

FYI a developer (not the core one) manage to push a PR but the release is still missing.
We achieve to build the code on our side and achieve to build it (like you can see in the comments) but it's not a stable solution tbh.

@Luiggi I don't know if you have some news on your side but i see the v0.47 in his RC phase and the Databricks didn't support yet the v0.46 ... it seems complex for the core developer to merge PRs and so the MB support is in balance (on our side we start to switch users from MB to Databricks analytics, we cannot wait anymore)

we fully understand, unfortunately we won't have a databricks driver soon :frowning:

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