Datalists not showing up in dashboard dropdown filters

Do you know why the list in the drop-down filter is displayed or not in the dashboard filter?
Attach situations that do not appear in the filter.
I want to list 5 records in the filter.


Filter Setting



Can you check in Admin -> Data Model -> your table -> The column you are trying to filter on

That this column is set to a list of all values and is a category type?

thank you for your answer.
When I checked the corresponding place, it was set as you said.

And I am assuming this question is made from Tables as data sources right?

and not of other questions?

Also can you share on which Metabase Version you are currently running please

Combining correct questions

metabase ver:0.45.2

"Combining correct questions"

If I understand correctly you are joining with Questions not tables right? In that case you need to turn your question into a Model and then map that column to the actual table coulmn:

I made it "Model" and tried it.
The screen below is the Model setting screen, but the item "Database column this map to" does not appear.
Isn't Tony's screen a "Model" setting screen?

Please post diagnostic info and let us know which data type the field is at the database level

If you set the corresponding column of the table to "Category", it will appear in the filter list.

  • The original table, which is not the Oracle view, was not set to "category", so it came out after changing it.

By the way, in Oracle View, the data is narrowed down to 5 on the View side and imported into the metabase, so only 5 will appear in the filter list.

However, if you create a filter from "questions" or "models" that narrow down the original table to 5 on the metabase side, the data before narrowing down to 5 (about 1000) will be displayed in the filter list.
Is it possible to display it in the filter list after narrowing it down on the metabase side?