Date difference derived column in metabase

Is there a way we can derive a vintage column to calculate the number of days between two existing date columns in metabase?

Hi @abhi1986
That will be available in version 0.40:

Hi @flamber.

What has been added in v0.4 to get the difference between two dates?
I couldn't find anything in the Gitlab PR. I don't see anything relevant in the latest expressions also. Can you point me to the relevant expression/function?

@johnny It never got into 0.40, and we closed the issue because it was too broad. There's a specific issue now with the hope that it will come in 0.43: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Ok. I have up voted it. Meanwhile, is there any work-around other than to write SQL?

@johnny Besides what I write in the issue, then no.