Date filter for hours returning no results but should be

We are using Amazon Athena as our database. You can see below what kind of query I am making using the date filter query.

I am trying to set up a native sql query on a table from our logs database with a field filter mapped to a datetime column, so that I can display records from the past few hours.

Expected result:
We have data from the past 3 hours so it should return only the last 3 hours on data.

What's happening
Anything less than 16 hours, I get no results. As soon as it's 16 hours I get all the results I want. When I don't use the sql editor but the main dashboard within the same time range, I get results. Here are some screenshots.

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 12.27.21 PM

^ Using Today as the filter I get the results I want, the results you see there should have been contained in the last 2 hours query.

^ Query trying to get last 2 hour of results showing nothing

Here is my query:

SELECT "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."type" AS "type", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."organization_id" AS "organization_id", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."latency" AS "latency", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."entity_id" AS "entity_id", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."financial_connection_id" AS "financial_connection_id", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."financial_institution_id" AS "financial_institution_id", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."aggregator" AS "aggregator", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."financial_institution_name" AS "financial_institution_name", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."request_id" AS "request_id", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."request_path" AS "request_path", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."request_method" AS "request_method", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."response_status_code" AS "response_status_code", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."response_details" AS "response_details", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."response_error_code" AS "response_error_code", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."response_error_details" AS "response_error_details", "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"."created_at" AS "created_at"
FROM "logs"."fuse-request-logs-prod"
WHERE {{code}} AND {{request_id}} AND {{aggregator}} AND {{type}} AND {{date_range}} AND {{organization_id}} AND {{api_route}} AND {{entity_id}} AND {{Institution_name}}
LIMIT 1048575

I've checked github and there is a similar open issue - Metabase use field type with native query not working correctly with previous x hours · Issue #18315 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Thanks for any help in advance.

Interesting, what’s the time zone your instance is in? Have you tried changing it?

I've tried changing it before, I'm assuming you mean changing the localization in settings? Am I missing something here? Also my database is UTC I believe but I am in ET right now however I remember changing it to ET did nothing.

Thanks, try removing the limit and also checking Timezones