Date filter issue with custom destination

Hii all,
I am facing an issue while creating a bar graph. I want to count number of subscriptions per month. That means my x axis will have all months. And when i click on bar it should go to custom destination which will have all the related records for that month. But as i am having a date column which i passed as filter while selecting custom destination , it always gives me only starting date date of that particular month like 1st jan 2023. I want to have all the records of january.

Hey, I think you're running into this bug. You can click :+1: to help prioritize it.


  1. Create a new dashboard with a question that has all subscription rows.
  2. Add a dashboard filter on "Subscription Cancel Date" with the type "Time" > "Month Year".
  3. Name the dashboard filter "Subscription Cancel Month".
  4. Link the card (from your original dashboard) to the dashboard you created in Step 1.
  5. Pass the value "Subscription Cancel Date" to the filter "Subscription Cancel Month".

It should look something like this:

Let me know if this helps!

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Thank u so much for your help. Yes it worked.