Date Filter "On" not working

Hi all,

I’m using Metabase 0.31.2 pointing to a Redshift database, and I am having an issue with the date filter, specifically, the “On” option where you select a single date. All of the other options (Previous, Next, Before, After, Between, etc…) work great. However when I choose the “On” option for my report, I get a message saying “There was a problem displaying this chart.”

There are no errors in the Javascript console on my browser, but I do see this seemingly relevant error in the logs:

02-13 00:15:04 e[1mWARN metabase.query-processore[0m :: e[31mQuery failure: Must be a valid instance of one of these clauses: :and, :or, :not, :=, :!=, :<, :>, :<=, :>=, :between, :starts-with, :ends-with, :contains, :does-not-contain, :inside, :is-null, :not-null, :time-interval, :segment
 "--> query_processor$assert_query_status_successful.invokeStatic(query_processor.clj:285)"

Any idea what’s going on? I did look in GitHub issues, but didn’t see anything quite like this.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @JZee
I’m pretty sure you’re seeing this issue:

Yup. That looks like exactly what I’m seeing. Thanks for helping me find it!