Date format .xlsx

Hi, when I download a request, the date format is like : 2023-06-27T17:11:10Z.
Is there a way to modify this to get a readable date format by Excel or G-Sheet ?

Version ?

it's 45.3

try upgrading to latest version (and you should do it right now ASAP), and let us know if it was fixed

Hi Luiggi,

I have the latest version (0.47.2) bu my issue is still there...
Example : Created At : 2023-08-29T11:15:05Z
compare to screenshot
Capture d’écran 2023-09-22 à 17.48.43

is this probably the issue you're seeing? Timestamp is always present in dates when exporting to Excel in the embedded application. · Issue #14393 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Hi , is this issue solved ? becasue the timestamp is still showing in the dates when exporting to excel

Hi , seems the issue for the timestamp is not solved yet ?, this format is still showing in excel and csv export

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Hi , the issue of the date format (2023-06-27T17:11:10Z. ) is still showing when exporting to csv or xlsx, will this issue be solved any time soon ?