Date one day before of my data

Friends of this wonderful tool, I’m doing an easy group by date and counting the # of transactions. Simple.
The point is the chart line of Metabase is showing one day before, with the right # of transactions.

For example: Day 2nd, May with 200 transactions in my database is showing 1st, May with transaction and so forth…
Is it setup issue of where?

Tks in advanced.

btw when I use raw data, filtering a record, the same. My data is from 2nd, may, but Metabase shows 1st , May.

I ran into a similar issue recently where a handful of data points from the first day of one month were showing up on the last day of the previous month. The problem was that the data source had a native time zone associated with it AND I’d also specified a timezone for MB to use. As a result, the two were getting combined and offsetting the dates incorrectly. Easy fix was turning off the MB timezone. Maybe something similar is happening here?