Date range "last XX days" as filter value?

I have quite a lot of questions using the date range “last 30 days” or “last 12 months” or so. I would like to add that to a filter view where users can select their own date range but having the “last 30 days” as a default value.

Although it is possible to enter a default date value I am not able to find out how to set the default value to “last XX days”.

Any ideas? right now I define the filters in the settings section but maybe there is a way to do that in SQL directly?

Thanks for any hints!

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just realised there is “relative date” that offers most of the stuff I require and I really wonder how I didn´t see that so far… :roll_eyes:
Great feature :slight_smile:

Alright, I think there is still some improvement to make it perfect: I would like to have the date range as a filter (so variable type is field filter and widget ist date range) and as a default value a variable date range like “last 30 days”.
Its mixing up the date filter types but it would be a really nice feature - having a dashboard with default last 30 days of data and still giving my users the possibility to filter their own desired date range.

Cheers, Eva

This should be possible if you use the “All Options” time filter widget from a dashboard’s Add Filter button:

54 AM

Then you can use a relative date as the default…

30 AM

…but still select a specific range:

Hi Maz,
the feature looks great … but its not in my filter settings. Is that something that I will see when I update to v0.25.2 or v0.26?

Not sure if its just my browser (Firefox) or the metabase version 0.25.1 but I also have troubles seeing the full dropdown menus for the filter settings as the menus tend to be cut by my display? In your screenshots its looks much nicer …?

Ah I found it! its not in the filter settings on question level but on dashboard level. nice!!

Oh, yes, sorry — I should have specified I meant dashboard filters. Updated my comment.

Nah, no worries, its exactly what I was hoping for, it makes making dashboards for several needs so easy!! Love it!

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Hi again,
am I blind or is this great option with “All Options” only available for date filters? I don´t find it for category filters?

Would be great if I would have here a drop down where I can tick several categories.
Thanks, Eva